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15/04/2021 - Survey on changes in consumer behavior

Syres has set up appropriate communication with its panelists since the start of the health crisis. A platform allows them to understand their behavior change related to the situation.

This important survey on our panel provides concrete results on changes in consumer habits, more particularly with regard to cosmetic and hygiene products.

More than 15 men and women aged 000 to 18 living throughout France responded.

The results confirm new consumer trends and the winning products.

30% of women surveyed say they no longer use makeup for the complexion or lipstick, even if they were attached to it.

They believe that makeup for the complexion and lips becomes unnecessary for various reasons (wearing a mask, outfit, teleworking, not necessary despite the pleasure lost, no more outings, etc.) and prioritize cleaning, hydration of their skin, its protection and comfort. They also grant a special attention to eye makeup (more supported and sophisticated).

Women use more face and eye care, cleansers / makeup removers and masks with a slight increase in ORGANIC products.

Women who paid little attention to deep cleansing of their skin are becoming an interesting target for evaluating products of this type (cleansers, masks, scrubs and nourishing products, etc.).

The regular use of body products, hair products and perfumes is also on the rise.

We can also confirm the impact of the Covid crisis on the condition of consumers' skin. 36% of the panelists thus state that they have the tired features / dull complexion.

20% of panelists say they have the irritated, more reactive skin since the appearance of the virus.

67% of the panelists declared themselves stressed by the situation. 58% have sleep problems.

Our survey also allowed us to know mask wearing habits (type, average duration, occasions, etc.).

While a large majority of people indicate using surgical masks (82%), 68% also use tissue masks.

Le wearing a mask causes discomfort in 76% of the panel : 45% have a sensation of skin that breathes badly and 39% have profuse sweating. 25% have acne breakouts / pimples.

We were thus able to set up studies with online questionnaires in real time measuring the efficacy, tolerance and hold of products when wearing a mask.


These circumstances have changed the habits and well-being of consumers.

Their purchasing choices in recent months have been more thoughtful than spontaneous and the panelists are convinced that “after Covid” will be different.
Faced with this situation, consumption and purchasing habits will change further.


We remain at your disposal to adapt our tests to your projects in 2021!



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