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22/01/2021 - Database - Trademarks

For many years, we have developed a database containing the brands of products used by our panelists. And since 2017, we have also been registering product names so that we can quickly find panelists who match certain product use criteria.
Focus on the brands most cited by our panelists in 2020:

In 2020, looking at the brands cited for all types of products, Yves Rocher is the brand most cited by the panelists, followed by L'Oréal and Clarins.


Focus on the facial skincare brands most cited by our panelists in 2020:

In terms of face care, the brand that comes up the most regularly is Clarins. It is the brand most used by our panelists, especially for its serums.


Focus on the makeup brands most cited by our panelists in 2020:

For makeup, the brands most cited by our panelists are L'Oréal, Yves Rocher and Maybelline. If we take a closer look at the mascara category, these three brands are still the most cited and the Bourjois and Too Faced brands are among the 10 most cited brands for this type of product.


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